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Fluorescein Angiography

Fluorescein Angiography (fluorescein is the type of dye that is used; angiogram is a study of the blood vessels) is an extremely valuable test that provides information about the circulatory system and the condition of the back of the eye. Fluorescein angiography is useful for evaluating many eye diseases that affect the retina.

The test is performed by injecting a special dye, called fluorescein, into a vein in the arm. In just seconds, the dye travels to the blood vessels inside the eye. A camera equipped with special filters that highlight the dye is used to photograph the fluorescein as it circulates through the blood vessels in the back of eye. If there are any circulation problems, swelling, leaking or abnormal blood vessels, the dye and its patterns will reveal these in the photographs. The digital imaging system allows Dr. Allar to review the results with the patient and discuss possible treatment options at the time of examination.

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